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Your Stories Recording

Don't Loose Your Memories - Record Them For Posterity - Mobile Service


Podcasting Services
Ever want to do a Podcast but...?  HOW?

Imagine What if ...
I come to you, with the gear set-up, I prep the podcasters (you), do a quick test, help moderate & record it. Then, after the session I send the audio file to you. You own all rights so you can use it however you wish.

Now, how about that podcast? Imagine. Contact me & we'll discuss your ideas. 


I believe when WE lose our seniors' Stories & Memories we lose a big part of OUR History & OUR Humanity


An Important Part. 

This is chance to tell your story in a conversational format.

That means, simply, I come & we talk.

Mostly I listen, & help keep things moving, comfortably.


Family stories & Your Stories ARE Important

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Contact Me Today With Any Questions!!

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