Safe Routes to School
Lead Instructor.




Gold Bicycle Ambassodor

City of Fort Collins


Classes I've Taught

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 Head Start, Elementary, Middle School, High School & CSU foreign students.


Smart Cycling

Winter Cycling

Bicycle Friendly Driver

 Adult & High School

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League Cycling Instructor #6110

Certified League Cucling Instructor #6110
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Bike Ambassador

I'm a bit passionate about cycling

I have had the privilege of working within the NOCO cycling community for 5+ years - educating new &, not so new, cyclists. Teaching the Safe Routes to School (SRTS)  & the city’s Bicycle Ambassador (BA) programs have taught me the training skills & values I needed to succeed teaching darn near anyone the absolute fun of cycling. I grew in the programs becoming a certified League Cycling Instructor (LCI), a lead SRTS instructor & certified instructor for the city's FCMoves department.

I have taught, & currently teach for the city; Bicycle Friendly Driver (both online & in person), SafeCycling, Winter Cycling, Smart Cycling, & a few other classes. I've also taught CSU foreign students to ride. Recently I worked with the city's Adaptive Recreation Opportunities (ARO) as they are including cycling.


I am able to adapt to my students’ needs & goals. That is my hope. You'll find I listen, ask questions, listen and then adapt.


Tell me what your cycling desires are, & I will listen, think, follow my long line of resources & we will find an answer.

A "basecamp" is a place to begin and/or grow.
It's where we should start when we go out on our adventures.

I hope this can be a start - a basecamp for you.

-Jim (Mr. Jim)

Why Is Teaching Cycling My Passion?

These two stories might give you a good idea as to the why. Both are real & both changed me deeply. They, simply, are the WHY.

"They'll make fun of me."

She was one of the last to get in the line for a helmet. As kids giggled I walked up and smiled, “We gotta get a helmet for you.” I grabbed a suitably sized lid. “I don’t wanna do this,” she looked up with sad, stunning black eyes. They glistened with moisture. “Why, my friend?” She was probably only eight or nine. I squatted down to eye level with her. She took a deep breath, “They’ll make fun of me.” “Why?” I asked as gently as my skills allowed. “I’m not very good.”

The Big Guy

“Yo bro.” I looked up wondering if this would be one of ‘those’ memories.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Can you teach people to ride a bike?”

“I try.”

“Can you teach me?” I reacted badly. “Why?” I should’ve said yes.

“Yo, I wanna ride with my daughter. You know.” Behind him she was riding in circles having fun. I nodded. I knew.

I understood.

Jim Willliams - Your friend

I really enjoy watching a student ride away.

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