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Every One Has A Story, Or Two or More - I'd like to make it Easy to Keep Them

Your Stories - Don't Lose Them - Record Them

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Full Service Podcasting
Record Our Place or Yours
Affordable Rates

Full Service Podcasting

Record Our Place or Yours


Affordable Rates

Indoor or Out*

This is a chance to come in & tell your story

in a comfortable conversational format.

That means, simply, we talk.

Mostly I listen, & help keep things moving, comfortably.

Family stories & Your Stories ARE Important

I have, for 40 years, felt the need to record our seniors' stories.

They facinated me. They carry our real humanity. Now I'm one.

Before my Dad passed he got the grandkids together & told them some of his stories. I recorded him. The grandkids, now grown adults, cherish the tape, remembering the man, in his voice.


Dad was a radio guy through & through. He told stories.

He was short of stature but deep of voice.

He loved coming up behind big, deep voiced new collegues introducing himself in his deepest radio tones.

They would swivel around looking for him straight ahead.

Seeing nothing they looked down.

There was Dad. Smiling.

Sure wish I'd recorded that story

I believe when WE lose their Stories

We lose a big part of OUR Humanity. We don't have to.

At my studio we have an environment designed for your comfort.

We are wheelchair/toilet accessable.

Ever want to do a Podcast but...? HOW?

There is an amazing learning curve.


Then, of course, there is the gear & how to use it - properly.  

And well, there's also software.It can be a bit overwhelming, & costly. Both in time & money.


It is complicated.

You, your crew, or your business know what you want,

but you don't know how. I help.


Imagine What if ...

You come, or we come to you, with the gear set-up, we prep the podcasters (you), do a quick test, help moderate & record it.


Then, after the session we send the audio file to you. You own all rights so you can use it however you wish.


Now, how about that podcast? Imagine.


Contact me & we'll discuss your ideas. 


jim@basecampcycling.com / 970.286.3576

1101 E. Elizabeth - Fort Collins

By Appointment - Please