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Here's the story. And it is true.

About once a week my friend of 40 years, Randy, and I go have a few beers. Recently, on such an event, Randy became convinced, after a few, the guy loading stuff in and out of his car nearby, was a spy. I, emboldened, decided to introduce myself. I'd never met a spy (that I was aware of).

After what was understandably an odd intro, I came to understand, Clint, the guy, was not a spy rather he was getting his bike polo gear tuned at the nearby bike shop. He invited me to come to City Park to check it out. I did, and it was awesome! If interested contact me!                                                 3.22.2022/jim

Sunday Bike Polo in the Park
Bike Polo - Going for It!

An "overdeveloped sense of justice"

When I saw the bike on Saturday, I knew that that was Ricky's bike instantly. I noted the XTR cranks and red grips from his photos. As I was riding by, the bike theif was walking into a shed that was attached to a trailer house and talking to someone inside. The bike was left in the driveway with the kickstand down and a small grocery bag hanging from the handlebar.       Read the story

Rescued bike!