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OUR Cycling Classes

Online & In-Person

Most of our classes are based on Fort Collins cycling education Classes. We are certified & have taught most of their classes.

We suggest prior to booking with us - check the City's FREE classes HERE

BUT: If their schedule or programs don't work or you want a more personalized class please contact us.

We can customize any class to fit your needs. We work with all abilities.

We aren't free but our rates are very affordable. 

We Offer Customizable Family, Group & Business Classes

  • Learn the rules, skills & strategies of cycling both roads & trails.

    1 hr

    Per Rider
  • Learn why cyclists do what they do & how to share the road with them.

    1 hr

    Varies. Inquire.
  • A nationally certified cycling skills class. Held on bike/outside.

    1 hr

    Per Rider/Time
  • Short 1 hour teaching emergency cyling skills that can save your life!

    1 hr

    Per Rider