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Health Benefits of Regular Cycling: It's no secret that regular exercise can lead to positive health outcomes. As our fitness increases, humans typically gain muscle and cardiovascular strength while losing fat and reducing the risk of certain diseases. 

This article was submitted by Emily, a student of Nicolas. Thanks ya'll! 

Why a Bike Shop Should Choose It's Customer Wisely - from Cycling Industry News

This is a worthy read for riders when you are thinking of choosing a bike shop.

Vintage Mountain Bike Workshop: Don McClung  In 2001, Don McClung of Salida, CO quietly walked the halls of Interbike with the one speed cruiser bike he had built around 29 inch wheels.  Despite a plain, dark green color, the bike was distinctive for its frame design modeled after a 1934 Pierce Arrow, a bike whose lines Don had always admired.

History of Marshall "Major" Taylor: The Fastest Man in the World  Born in 1878, Taylor was a powerful sprinter who established numerous world records in races in 1898 and 1899. While he raced on roads as well, Taylor excelled on the velodrome tracks that once existed across the country. Hailed in newspapers as the “Black Cyclone,” Taylor entered the history books as the first Black American to become a cycling world champion when he won the sprint event at the 1899 World Track Championships.

The Fantastical Adventures of Annie Londonderry, the ‘first woman to cycle around the world’  In September 1895, a 20-some­thing American mother-of-three named Annie Londonderry became the first woman to ride a bicycle around the world. Except her name was not London­derry and she hadn’t pedalled nearly so far as she’d led everyone to suppose. She was a brilliant – and unabashed – self-publicist, who briefly turned herself into one of the first ersatz celebrities of modern times.